Why Get Your Chopper Parts from TC Bros Choppers?

Why Get Your Chopper Parts from TC Bros Choppers?

Find out why TC Bros Choppers is a popular choice for anyone looking for custom chopper parts.

When you’re looking for custom chopper parts for your motorcycle, you can always go to chopper part manufacturers that have an extensive network of distributors to get the equipment you need. But there’s always a certain appeal in getting your chopper parts from people who are in many ways just like you—enthusiasts whose passion for custom motorcycles know no bounds. These like-minded guys include the people behind TC Bros Choppers.

So Who are These Guys?

These two guys are the Cobb brothers from Ohio – Tyler and Tim. Their love affair with motorcycles began when their dad brought home a small Suzuki motorcycle which the two took turns riding. They used it a lot, since they lived in northwest Ohio where there really wasn’t a lot going in the cornfields. Eventually they became obsessed with just about anything that came with a motor, and they took that passion and made it a business.

TC Bros. Choppers

A Real Business

Check out their website, and you’ll see for yourself that these guys are serious. They offer a huge variety in the types of equipment you can get, so it’s as if you’re buying from a regular network of chopper part distributors. Just about everything you’ll ever need is right here, along with Sportster, Big Twin, and Metric parts. You can even get some gear from them including helmets, shields, hats, shirts, key chains, and koozies.

From these guys, you can get:

  • handlebars
  • weld-on hardtails
  • forward controls
  • DIY exhaust
  • engine stands
  • fabrication parts
  • lighting accessories
  • air cleaners
  • drive chains
  • oil tanks
  • wiring
  • fenders and sissy bars
  • seat hardware
  • mid controls
  • weld-on kickstands

That’s just a partial list, mind you. To get the complete list, you need to head on over to their website.

A True Part of the Chopper Community

On their blog, they also offer customers a chance to post pictures of their beloved choppers. Customers can show others just what’s possible to attain when it comes to custom motorcycles. They also list the parts that these customers bought from TC Bros, which they then used for their choppers.

The TC boys also don’t just sell parts. They review them too.  They have video reviews that clearly show what benefits they have to offer. These videos look professionally done, and you can see for yourself that these guys know their motorcycles very well indeed.

They give back to the motorcycle community as well. They sponsor many special shows, such as the 2016 Garage Brewed Motorcycle Show at Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati. They’re also a sponsor for the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show in Milwaukee and the Freedom Machine Motorcycle Show at Frontier Ghost Town in Durham, Ontario. They’re also a sponsor for the upcoming Born Free 8 Motorcycle Show to be held on June 25-26 on Oak Canyon Ranch, California.

Instead of getting your chopper parts from some faceless company, get them from TC Bros Choppers. They believe in the products they sell, the prices are fair, they provide excellent customer service and they deliver pretty fast too!

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