Thompson Choppers: Chopper Frames & Parts


If you own a chopper, then you know how hard it is to explain to most people just how much passion your ride inspires you. You care for your bike the same way that an ardent fan of paintings will care for their prized Picasso. You want to get your bike the very best when it comes to chopper frames and parts, and for some that means getting these parts from Thomson Choppers.

  • They specialize in various parts, and they don’t sell you stuff from other manufacturers. Instead, they build these motorcycle and chopper frames and parts themselves.
  • What’s more, they build these things by hand, and they have the craftsmanship that helps them produce superbly crafted items that you’d be proud to install on your chopper.
  • The motorcycle frames are available at different tire widths, ranging from the width of stock tires to the huge 360 tire frames. Thompson Choppers adhere to strict specifications in making these items in-house, and you have several popular configurations to choose from. If you want, you can even have your frame custom made with your own specs, and this is available for just a small fee.

  • They make Swingarm, Softail, or Rigid in numerous configurations and their setups can accommodate various types of bikes. So if you have a bobber, a pro-street bike, or even a full-blown hardcore chopper, you’ll find the parts you want here.
  • If you’re looking for gas tanks, look no further. The gas tanks here are all built by hand from 14-gauge cold rolled steel stampings and they’ve been TIG welded. Every tank has been pressure tested, and they can be of any width or length you specify. They can also be adjusted so that they can sit low or high on the bike frame.
  • Their fender blanks are also built to order, and custom cutting, shaping, and mounting are all available as well. They’re all spun and made from 12-gauge cold-rolled steel. Again, they’ve been TIG welded.

  • Oil tanks here come in several distinct styles, so you can pick one that offers the advantages that matter to you. They can be bolt-on or built-in. Either way, they’re all handcrafted from 14 gauge cold rolled steel, and they’ve been pressure-tested as well, so they’ll last for your lifetime. Generally, they’re also available with top fill or side fill, and you can specify if you want a battery box built in.
  • Just about every popular handle bar configuration is available here as well. You can get a full handle bar kit, or get the bend you want along with the accessories for easier installation. They’re all built in-house, and sizes range from 1 inch to 1.5 inches. You can get them with dimpled wiring slots too.
  • Of course, here you can get the wheels you want, whether they’re aluminum billet or chrome-spoked. You can buy your wide glide and inverted hydraulic forks here as well.

Basically, if you are in search of handcrafted chopper frames and parts built with attention to quality and durability, Thompson Choppers is the one you need.

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