Low Brow Customs

Low Brow Customs

Top 12 Reasons to Get Everything You Need for Your Custom Chopper Motorcycle from These Regular Guys

Looking for chopper parts? Here are some great reasons why you should place an order at Low Brow Customs. 

For chopper fans, the best chopper part distributors are usually fellow chopper enthusiasts who know and understand the need to customize motorcycles on their own. It’s that feeling of individuality and uniqueness which you can’t really explain, but it’s a feeling that just about everyone in the chopper community knows. The people behind Low Brow Customs may seem like regular folks, and that’s actually a good thing.

Here are some reasons why it’s such a pleasure buying parts from Low Brow:

Lowbrow Custom: Chopper Parts

  1. What really sets Low Brow apart is that their line of custom chopper parts is astonishingly wide. Regardless of the chopper parts you want, you’ll find them all there. They evens sell tools, DVDs, and chopper magazines.
  2. They only sell parts that they already have in stock and which are ready for shipping right away. They don’t receive your money for things they’ve only ordered. Frames and magnetos are exceptions to this rule, however, since these are made to order items.
  3. They don’t drop ship, or have the chopper part manufacturers deliver the parts directly to you.
  4. They accept Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Money orders and checks aren’t accepted. If you call them, you can place a credit card order.
  5. They’ve also made sure that their website is secure. They use a secure 128-bit encrypted checkout that ensures your personal info is protected at all times. They’ve never had any website security issues, and that’s because they’re always diligent in keeping updated with modern online security.
  6. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer of Low Brow product items, you can get dealer discounts.
  7. After you place your order, the item you need is shipped out within 24 hours. If you’re anxious that you get the item at a specific date, you can contact Low Brow and they can offer some advice regarding which shipping service to use.
  8. They mainly use UPS, and they only charge actual shipping expenses based on the weight and size of your order and your distance from Low Brow. There are no extra services or handling charges tacked on to your total expenses.
  9. They’re networked even with one-man shops from all over the world. These shops come from countries like Japan, Taiwan, Italy, and the UK.
  10. They ship parts to points all over the world, so you can get your items from there wherever you are.
  11. Except for frames, items costing $100 or more come with free shipping.
  12. You can consult with them so you can make sure that the bars you want will actually fit your bike.

Check out their website, and you can find a whole lot of excellent chopper parts to choose from. With Low Brow Customs, you can expect only the best.

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