Chopper Part Websites: Old Bike Barn, Deadbeat Customs, and Vicious Cycle

Chopper Parts Websites

Old Bike Barn, Deadbeat Customs, and Vicious Cycle Works: How 3 Great Sellers are Catering to the Chopper Community

Are you looking for chopper parts? Check out these recommended sellers.

There’s a special feeling when you first ride a motorcycle. It’s that sense of freedom you don’t usually get when you’re riding a box with wheels (AKA a car). With a bike, you feel different from the rest of the pack. Of course, for some of us, the passion for being different can lead us to customizing our own bikes. Often it’s best if we do the job ourselves, as it shows our level of commitment.

But where do you get your parts? Your best bets are often the chopper part distributors that are run by the same passionate chopper fans like yourself. These people pick only from the best manufacturers, so you know for sure that you’re getting the part you need. Often, these people can be contacted online so that you can pick their brains regarding the custom chopper parts you ought to get. 

Old Bike Barn Website

Old Bike Barn

With the team behind Old Bike Barn, you’re dealing with a group of truly passionate bikers. One of them uses a scooter, but they’re not snobs at all. They’re all motorcycle enthusiasts who have experience working in the garage on their bikes, so they know what it’s all about.

  • They do have a wide selection of chopper parts you can choose from, although admittedly they’re not among the biggest websites in the industry.
  • Their focus is on parts for motorcycles that are more than a decade old. Such motorcycles can be very hard to customize with the proper parts, but you may find what you need on their website. Their vintage stuff especially covers Cafe Racer, Bobber, and Chopper equipment.
  • These guys understand the need to get the equipment as quickly as possible, so they ship out the orders every weekday.
  • Their Facebook page is a great community for motorcycle fans.

Deadbeat Customs Website

Deadbeat Customs

Steve Bramanti, who owns Deadbeat Customs, has been part of the industry since 2005. He attended the Motorcycle Mechanic Institute, and later he worked as a technician for Harley Davidson. Now he’s running his website to cater to the needs of people who like customizing their bikes themselves. Steve himself works on his 2007 Superglide constantly.

  • They carry parts from chopper part manufacturers which you may find hard to find anywhere else, such as Eagle Factory and Posh Factory.
  • They also have parts for newer Harley Davidson models.
  • They’re very big on safety, so they shelf DOT-approved motorcycle helmets. But they also offer their own line of novelty helmets.
  • You can call or email them for any questions regarding parts, and they can put their expertise to work on your behalf.

Vicious Cycle Works Website

Vicious Cycle Works

It’s always a pleasure to browse the VCW website, as they’ve organized their wares quite well.

  • They have a wide range of motorcycle parts and categories, so there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for.
  • You can also interact with the VCW team through their Facebook and Google+ pages.

Try these 3 great sellers if you need a certain part for your chopper. With their stock and expertise, everything you need will be provided for—and that’s always a relief when you’re working on your motorcycle!

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