Best Places To Purchase Chopper Motorcycle Parts

A chopper is basically a formerly heavy motorcycle that’s been stripped down and modified so it becomes lighter and faster. It’s almost always a motorcycle that you customize yourself, so you may often find yourself looking for various chopper motorcycle parts. 

It is possible that you may find a local chopper motorcycle club in your area, but that’s not always a sure thing. Salvage yards may also have what you seek, but that’s also an iffy enterprise. I had a Honolulu home inspector friend find a salvaged chopper at an abandoned home-bought it and used it for parts!. But, that’s just something you can’t rely on.

Your best bet is to do what virtually every buyer in the US does when they need to find something exotic—just go online. 

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Thompson Choppers: Chopper Frames & Parts


If you own a chopper, then you know how hard it is to explain to most people just how much passion your ride inspires you. You care for your bike the same way that an ardent fan of paintings will care for their prized Picasso. You want to get your bike the very best when it comes to chopper frames and parts, and for some that means getting these parts from Thomson Choppers.

  • They specialize in various parts, and they don’t sell you stuff from other manufacturers. Instead, they build these motorcycle and chopper frames and parts themselves.
  • What’s more, they build these things by hand, and they have the craftsmanship that helps them produce superbly crafted items that you’d be proud to install on your chopper.
  • The motorcycle frames are available at different tire widths, ranging from the width of stock tires to the huge 360 tire frames. Thompson Choppers adhere to strict specifications in making these items in-house, and you have several popular configurations to choose from. If you want, you can even have your frame custom made with your own specs, and this is available for just a small fee.

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7 Things You Have to Know When Buying Chopper Parts from Chopper Surplus

Are you looking for good quality yet affordable chopper parts? Visit Chopper Surplus online. But before you do, here are a few things you need to know about this company:

1. They have new and used chopper parts. So if you own a Harley Davidson or any old school motorcycle or trike, then Chopper Surplus may be a good site to visit.

2. However, the site was bought out in 2008, and after that it no longer allows buyers to buy from the site directly. Instead, you can buy the items through the links offered on the product pages. Usually, these are available on eBay Motors, Amazon, or BP Cycles.

3. You can also find dealers in your area that may sell the item you’re looking for and you’ve found on the site. For more info on the dealers, you can just send an email to

4. Chopper Surplus is a great place to find the chopper bike kits you’re looking for. Some of these kits are complete, which can be very convenient. Other kits may need extra parts, which should suit you if you’re looking to use another brand or if those parts missing from the kits are parts that you already have. At least you won’t be forced to buy a part you don’t really need.  Read more “7 Things You Have to Know When Buying Chopper Parts from Chopper Surplus”

Reasons to Get Your Harley Parts from FMB Chopper Parts

Reasons to Get Your Harley Parts from FMB Chopper Parts

Looking to customize your Harley? If you want a tough and menacing look for your bike, get your parts from FMB Chopper Parts. 

A lot of Harley owners are artists at heart. We prize our individuality, which is why we like Harley Davidson bikes in the first place. We like being the center of attention when we ride up the street, and we don’t even have to go fast to see the envious looks in the faces of people around us. And for some of us, that’s still not enough. We need custom parts for our bikes, and that means getting them from FMB Chopper Parts.

The FMB Chopper Parts online store isn’t your run of the mill online store. It’s not exactly eBay or Amazon. The website does offer a whole lot of custom parts for Harleys, and they all seem intimidating, tough, and rebellious. They sure ain’t for staid bankers.

So why get your parts from FMB Chopper Parts? Here are some reasons to go to this store: Read more “Reasons to Get Your Harley Parts from FMB Chopper Parts”

Reasons to Love the Demon Cycle Online Chopper Parts Store

Top 5 Reasons To Love The Demon Cycle Online Chopper Parts Store

Do you need to buy chopper parts? Find out why Demon Cycle is your best option.

Quite a lot of Harley aficionados will say that if you’re looking for chopper parts, you go to Demon Cycle.  This shop is now based in Pompano, Florida although it started out in the North East about 2 decades ago. At first glance, they’re just like all the other online stores that sell spare parts, replacement parts, and custom parts for various types of Harleys.

But the reality is that they’re not your usual online store. They’re very different, in fact.

  • They don’t have salespeople who just learned about Harleys. What they do is find Harley fans who already have the same passion as their customers. They then teach these fine people all about the business side of things. They don’t get experienced salespeople and teach them about Harleys since you can’t teach someone to be passionate about Harleys!
  • While they do online sales, they’d much prefer it if you give them a call. The folks at Demon Cycle don’t actually prioritize making sales, even though they’ve grown so big that they’re now a multimillion-dollar wholesale company. They’re more focused on customer satisfaction, and a phone call can help minimize any confusion.

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Chopper Part Websites: Old Bike Barn, Deadbeat Customs, and Vicious Cycle

Chopper Parts Websites

Old Bike Barn, Deadbeat Customs, and Vicious Cycle Works: How 3 Great Sellers are Catering to the Chopper Community

Are you looking for chopper parts? Check out these recommended sellers.

There’s a special feeling when you first ride a motorcycle. It’s that sense of freedom you don’t usually get when you’re riding a box with wheels (AKA a car). With a bike, you feel different from the rest of the pack. Of course, for some of us, the passion for being different can lead us to customizing our own bikes. Often it’s best if we do the job ourselves, as it shows our level of commitment.

But where do you get your parts? Your best bets are often the chopper part distributors that are run by the same passionate chopper fans like yourself. These people pick only from the best manufacturers, so you know for sure that you’re getting the part you need. Often, these people can be contacted online so that you can pick their brains regarding the custom chopper parts you ought to get.  Read more “Chopper Part Websites: Old Bike Barn, Deadbeat Customs, and Vicious Cycle”

Why Get Your Chopper Parts from TC Bros Choppers?

Why Get Your Chopper Parts from TC Bros Choppers?

Find out why TC Bros Choppers is a popular choice for anyone looking for custom chopper parts.

When you’re looking for custom chopper parts for your motorcycle, you can always go to chopper part manufacturers that have an extensive network of distributors to get the equipment you need. But there’s always a certain appeal in getting your chopper parts from people who are in many ways just like you—enthusiasts whose passion for custom motorcycles know no bounds. These like-minded guys include the people behind TC Bros Choppers.

So Who are These Guys?

These two guys are the Cobb brothers from Ohio – Tyler and Tim. Their love affair with motorcycles began when their dad brought home a small Suzuki motorcycle which the two took turns riding. They used it a lot, since they lived in northwest Ohio where there really wasn’t a lot going in the cornfields. Eventually they became obsessed with just about anything that came with a motor, and they took that passion and made it a business.

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Low Brow Customs

Low Brow Customs

Top 12 Reasons to Get Everything You Need for Your Custom Chopper Motorcycle from These Regular Guys

Looking for chopper parts? Here are some great reasons why you should place an order at Low Brow Customs. 

For chopper fans, the best chopper part distributors are usually fellow chopper enthusiasts who know and understand the need to customize motorcycles on their own. It’s that feeling of individuality and uniqueness which you can’t really explain, but it’s a feeling that just about everyone in the chopper community knows. The people behind Low Brow Customs may seem like regular folks, and that’s actually a good thing.

Here are some reasons why it’s such a pleasure buying parts from Low Brow:

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