7 Things You Have to Know When Buying Chopper Parts from Chopper Surplus

Are you looking for good quality yet affordable chopper parts? Visit Chopper Surplus online. But before you do, here are a few things you need to know about this company:

1. They have new and used chopper parts. So if you own a Harley Davidson or any old school motorcycle or trike, then Chopper Surplus may be a good site to visit.

2. However, the site was bought out in 2008, and after that it no longer allows buyers to buy from the site directly. Instead, you can buy the items through the links offered on the product pages. Usually, these are available on eBay Motors, Amazon, or BP Cycles.

3. You can also find dealers in your area that may sell the item you’re looking for and you’ve found on the site. For more info on the dealers, you can just send an email to sales@choppersurplus.com.

4. Chopper Surplus is a great place to find the chopper bike kits you’re looking for. Some of these kits are complete, which can be very convenient. Other kits may need extra parts, which should suit you if you’re looking to use another brand or if those parts missing from the kits are parts that you already have. At least you won’t be forced to buy a part you don’t really need. 

Here there are plenty of options. You have bestselling HR3 kit bikes from Custom Chrome, the complete Bike-In-A-Box kits that only need a custom paint job, the stripped down bike kits from Sucker Punch Sally, and many more.

Extremely cool designs are Made-in-the-USA when you get them from Pro One. If you want something cool yet affordable, then you may want to try the Flyrite Bike Kits.

5. Many new parts are available here. But they actually sell thousands of items, and many of them aren’t listed on the site. So you can order catalogs which you can get online or even in print form. Some of the online catalogs are free, though for print form you may have to pay $10 or $15.

6. Aside from the usually chopper parts, you can also get your accessories from here. These include motorcycle luggage, as well Cycle Vault covers. You can even get 44 mag Risers in polished aluminum.

7. Used parts are also available if you really want to cut down on your expenses. These parts are both for old bikes (pre-Evo) and for new ones (Evo or later).

Yes, it’s true that the Chopper Surplus site isn’t a retail store anymore. It’s a retail information store, and each product page offers a link on where you can actually buy the item you want.

This makes it reasonably useful if you’re doing research on various items you may need for your old bike. If you need chopper parts, this’ll give you a better way to find the item and the info you need, rather than going through eBay and Amazon directly.

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