Thompson Choppers: Chopper Frames & Parts


If you own a chopper, then you know how hard it is to explain to most people just how much passion your ride inspires you. You care for your bike the same way that an ardent fan of paintings will care for their prized Picasso. You want to get your bike the very best when it comes to chopper frames and parts, and for some that means getting these parts from Thomson Choppers.

  • They specialize in various parts, and they don’t sell you stuff from other manufacturers. Instead, they build these motorcycle and chopper frames and parts themselves.
  • What’s more, they build these things by hand, and they have the craftsmanship that helps them produce superbly crafted items that you’d be proud to install on your chopper.
  • The motorcycle frames are available at different tire widths, ranging from the width of stock tires to the huge 360 tire frames. Thompson Choppers adhere to strict specifications in making these items in-house, and you have several popular configurations to choose from. If you want, you can even have your frame custom made with your own specs, and this is available for just a small fee.

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7 Things You Have to Know When Buying Chopper Parts from Chopper Surplus

Are you looking for good quality yet affordable chopper parts? Visit Chopper Surplus online. But before you do, here are a few things you need to know about this company:

1. They have new and used chopper parts. So if you own a Harley Davidson or any old school motorcycle or trike, then Chopper Surplus may be a good site to visit.

2. However, the site was bought out in 2008, and after that it no longer allows buyers to buy from the site directly. Instead, you can buy the items through the links offered on the product pages. Usually, these are available on eBay Motors, Amazon, or BP Cycles.

3. You can also find dealers in your area that may sell the item you’re looking for and you’ve found on the site. For more info on the dealers, you can just send an email to

4. Chopper Surplus is a great place to find the chopper bike kits you’re looking for. Some of these kits are complete, which can be very convenient. Other kits may need extra parts, which should suit you if you’re looking to use another brand or if those parts missing from the kits are parts that you already have. At least you won’t be forced to buy a part you don’t really need.  Read more “7 Things You Have to Know When Buying Chopper Parts from Chopper Surplus”